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An Alice in Wonderland experience was created for Wax Communications within multiple tents at Althorpe House, Northampton. We designed the reception area to give the impression of perspective which was emphasised by a scenically painted checkered floor whereby squares got progressively smaller towards one end of the room.  All walls of the marquee were built at an angle sloping downwards and custom built doors were made to scale in relation to slanting walls and checked floor.

The reception led to the 'Mad Hatters Banquet' for dining through a walkway made of oversized book pages. Hand crafted, over-sized giant mushrooms and flowers, a clock, a Mad Hatters hat and playing cards dressed the banquet. The props were accompanied by beautiful floristry from Hayford and Rhodes. The nightclub dance floor was designed to look like a chessboard. The stage was designed to resemble the Mad Hatters table, with a custom built music box/jewellery box DJ booth.

See more photos of the build on our Facebook page