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Surreal Scotland

We were asked to create a surreal winter wonderland for a surprise birthday party. Inspired by surreal paintings and mystical forests we lined the inside of a marquee structure with white trees that curved high over the guests heads. The walls were clad in mirror with an array of tall mirrored prisms amongst the trees to give the illusion of a vast forest.  White mystical winter creatures populated the forest, including owls, doves, a beautiful peacock, a stag, fox, a 12ft standing polar bear and a magical unicorn. The ground was lined with faux snow completing the winter scene.

The central dining table was constructed from natural, trunk length, slices of Cedar for the top. The Cedar was waxed to highlight its grain with glass specially cut and overlaid on top. The table legs were specially designed and fabricated from steel finished in a gold. Finishing the dining experience was a contorted white willow chandelier that ran the length of the table with smokey grey pendant lights that gently lit the space.

The geometric mirror dance floor was inspired by a winter lake taking colour inspiration from the Birthday girls favourite colours.