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Scottish Borders

We designed, built and installed a Highland hunting lodge themed wedding in a series marquees. The reception area was deliberately understated to contrast the main room to enhance the element of surprise when entering the main space. The reception area was spacious and clean with a custom built bar and elliptical hanging perspex table.

The main dining space, in contrast, was built on three tiers and decorated with props, lighting and furniture. A truss system dressed in aged timber concealed the air-conditioning that ran throughout the marquee,  providing beams from which to hang our lighting features. A bespoke 10-foot high stone fireplace was constructed from flameproof materials and vermiculite, housing a colossal 30-foot tall chimney, built between two marquees for safety, thus crating a fully working fireplace. An oval bar was designed and built in-house and finished with LED strip lighting covered by hand-pressed diffusing perspex and a pure copper bar top, oxidised and polished to give an aged look. Carefully selected upholstered furniture created a warm and cozy chill-out space around the fireplace.

A custom made chandelier of chandeliers created a focal point over centre of the dance floor.