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A Neverland themed event, transforming the interior of three barns to recreate the Peter Pan Lost Boys story for a 21st birthday party. Barn one was converted into the dining area of a schooner. Dressed with long wooden tables, schooner sails, fire pits and tall candles. The dining area was paired with ‘Hooks Tavern’ in barn two. With treasure chest tables, a backlit slatted bar, a ticking crocodile, oxblood chesterfield seating, gold coins, candles and metal tankards to serve the drinks.

As the tavern dramatically closed due to a ‘fight’ between performing Smee and Peter Pan, guests followed the action towards a fake timber slatted wall that concealed the night club. Rays of light shone through the slats as the performers burst through to reveal the nightclub.

The third barn was made to look like a Neverland playground. A giant 6m high "Hangman's Tree" stood at the back of the barn with a tree house DJ booth. Large cuts of bark dressed a 16ft circular bar to create the impression of a giant tree stump complete with Neverland maps printed onto the top. The floor was laced with bark and leaves with hanging vines over the guests heads. The dance floor was created using wooden panels with a painted compass. Back lit pallet seating and tables created different levels within the space for guests to use to sit or dance.