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Big Sky Studios

At Big Sky Studios we designed and built a sci-fi themed Bar Mitzvah. Taking inspiration from films like “Moon” (2009) and “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968) we created a space station complete with security check-ins, control room, Captain’s bridge and a space-craft ‘mess’.

To build the environment we used timber clad truss, dressed in white paint and PVC to form a framework to the reception areas. Relief detailing was added to the check in desks and the porthole window, giving depth and detail to the walls. Behind this, a backlit cyclorama canvas showing the London skyline gave the sense of lifting off in to space from the city centre. For the dining area we created a space-craft mess, with a huge volume of table-tops comprising of laminated MDF in a white finish to give a high shine that would collaborate with lighting design and set off the individually printed place settings. The control room formed a gaming area for children. We built white pods, padded with pewter leatherette in the reclined gaming position. These were constructed with built-in TVs and sound bars, and accompanied by ‘orbit’ machines.