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100% Design 2013

Working for Studio Design UK we built and installed the entrance tunnel for 100% Design, the UK’s biggest and longest running contemporary design event. 2013’s theme was ‘Creative Balance’. The concept by Studio Design UK was to create an animated colour spectrum tunnel.

We built a 66 metre tunnel comprised of timber walls and reinforced truss. We attached curved ceiling panels to the timber frames installed with Video Flex LED's, programmed by Renegade lighting. The curves were CNC profiled from bendy ply and grey laminate in 11 different shapes and sizes. The laminate had to be invisible in the dark but able to diffuse the light hitting it.

At the end of the tunnel furniture, provided by the sponsors representing the theme "Creative Balance", was on display. The front panel of the display case was finished with a two way mirror so that when the internal light inside the case was switched on, the furniture was revealed. When the light was off the display case was simply a mirrored wall.